Saturday, March 4, 2017

LISTEN: Josh Groban performs "Evermore" from the 'Beauty and the Beast' soundtrack

Be still my heart! Disney has released the full track of Josh Groban's rendition of "Evermore" from the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. The song is performed by the Beast (Dan Stevens) in the film after he releases Belle from the castle and again by Groban over the end credits.

“‘For Evermore’ is this moment where the Beast now loves Belle, and he realizes that she misses her father, and he acknowledges she’s no longer a prisoner, and when she sees her father’s in trouble, he says, ‘Go to him, go.’ And he voluntarily lets her go,” Menken continues. “He’s basically singing about how he now knows what love is, as he watches her leave, and he’s climbing up the turret of the castle as she recedes into the distance, just watching her go further and further away.”

The Beauty and the Beast soundtrack is now available for pre-order and will be released on March 10th.

Source: DisneyMusicVEVO

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

'Beauty and the Beast' at Casa Loma Round-Up

Toronto's Casa Loma celebrated Beauty and the Beast this past weekend with costume displays and special performances featuring music from the live-action film.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

LISTEN: Preview of "Days in the Sun" and "Beauty and the Beast"

Toronto's Casa Lomo celebrated Beauty and the Beast this past weekend and previewed two of the film's songs during special aerial rope and ballroom performances.

"Days in the Sun," one of three new songs written for the film by Alan Menken and Tim Rice, was played during an aerial performance. Director Bill Condon and composer Alan Menken previously spoke about the song in interviews with Fandango and Entertainment Weekly, calling it "a combination of a lullaby and a remembrance of happier days for everybody."
Bill Condon (Director): "'Days in the Sun,' in particular, is sung by Belle and has more to do with the household staff and how they see the future when the curse is lifted. But it's also a song the Beast's mother sang to him when he was a boy. So it sort of comes full circle."

Alan Menken (Composer): "'Days in the Sun' is a moment when all of the objects in the castle-and Belle-are going to sleep. Basically, everybody in the castle is having memories of what it used to be when they had their days in the sun. It's sort of a combination of a lullaby and a remembrance of happier days for everybody."

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WATCH: New clip of "Belle"

Disney has released a new clip of Beauty and the Beast's opening number "Belle." The clip is currently part of the sneak peek playing at both Hollywood Studios and California Adventure.

Source: Disney Movie Trailers