Thursday, June 11, 2015

Luke Evans, Ian McKellen & Bill Condon talk 'Beauty and the Beast'

While attending a fashion event in Italy, Luke Evan spoke very briefly to Women's Wear Daily about his role as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast.
Bulgari brand ambassador Luke Evans gamely posed for selfies and said he was flying back to London after the event as he is filming “Beauty and the Beast” with Emma Watson, out in 2017. “I play Gaston, it’s the most fun I’ve ever had,” he said.
Evans was very active on Instagram during the film's pre-porduciton period and shared a few behind the scenes photos back in April and May.

Director Bill Condon also had a few words about the film, which is currently in production at Shepperton Studios, during the London premiere of his new film Mr. Holmes (via IBT)
"It's big, you know! We're in our first month [of filming] and we've shot some numbers and they're kind of enormous and the sets are great! It's just been exciting to everybody. Getting to play with that incredible score and that beautiful story."
Watch carefully at the beginning of the video as Josh Gad zooms by in the background and Condon jokes about their time on set (You can also see their interaction in another video from the premiere). For more Beauty and the Beast, skip ahead to the 4:55 mark in the video.

UPDATE: Below is another video from the Mr. Holmes premiere with director Bill Condon.
"It's exciting. We're into our first month of shooting and it's been everyday, to be on these huge sets that represent the Beast's castle, to see these big musical numbers. We're all pinching ourselves. It's just been a very exciting, a very kind of realistic telling of that story. 
Oh my god, I think she is going to blow everybody away. We've already done two of her musical numbers. She's a beautiful singer, a wonderful dancer. She's become one for this movie and she's just one of the hardest working people I've ever met. She's really just doing a beautiful job so far. As is Hattie Morahan, who's playing the Enchantress in the movie.  

UPDATE: While Emma Watson has already filmed a few musical sequences, it seems Ian McKellen, who plays Cogsworth in the film, is up next (via Yahoo! News).

Ian McKellen on his musical talents:
“I can get by but I’m playing a clock, and clocks don’t sing frightfully well, so we’re OK,” the 76-year-old actor said.
Director Bill Condon on McKellen's abilities and the film's "thrilling" production:
“He’s already done a pre-recording of the score and he’s a natural,” he said.
Bill continued: “It’s going so well so far. We’re very lucky to have a great cast. It’s such pleasure, that great score. We’ve been shooting musical numbers every week, it’s been thrilling.”
“And next week, Sir Ian McKellen gets to make his singing and dancing debut.”
Source: WWD, IBT, Red Carpet TV News, Yahoo! News UK & Ireland

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