Thursday, September 17, 2015

Three new interviews with the cast of 'Beauty and the Beast"

MTV News: Does Emma Watson Have The Pipes To Be Belle?
At Toronto International Film Festival in support of the upcoming film “High-Rise,” Evans called singing “a wonderful thing,” gushing about his time on the set of “Beauty and the Beast” and what a “feisty” woman Emma Watson is.

In a word, he said Watson, who plays Belle in the movie, was “wonderful.”

“She’s great,” he said. “She epitomizes what Belle should be in the 21st century to young girls; she’s a strong woman. We all know Emma as Emma, a strong woman, she has a voice, she uses it very effectively and I admire her for that. She’s brought some of that to Belle. She’s not just a Disney princess, she’s more than a Disney princess, and she has a beautiful sensitive side to her. She’s quite delicate to look at, but she’s not at all. She’s a really strong, feisty woman and we have some fantastic scenes in the film. I was making her laugh more than she should have been laughing.”

And does she have the pipes to belt the musical’s iconic songs? Yes, Evans confirmed.

“Great singing voice to boot. She’s a triple threat. Makes me sick.”
Read the entire interview here.

The Independent: Gugu Mbatha-Raw on swapping Hollywood for Shakespeare’s Globe to play Nell Gwynn
She pauses, remembers Beauty and the Beast and laughs: “Er, not sure that really needs to be told in the same way!” But she acknowledges that she was ridiculously, childishly excited about being part of it, even if she does play … a feather duster. “Go on, you can say it! Well, I thought if Emma Thompson is playing a teapot I can certainly play a feather duster …”
Read the entire interview here.

NewsComAU: Josh Gad discusses Beauty and the Beast's London table read
“I was in a reading for Beauty and the Beast sitting next to Sir Ian McKellen, watching this man make minced meat of all of us ... Actually, let me rephrase that: I’m sitting sandwiched between Emma Thompson and Sir Ian McKellen ...

“You look at them and go, ‘God, I’ve got years and years and years of stuff to learn’.”

Is that your dream ... we begin to ask, but Gad jumps in before we can finish.

“Sir Josh Gad? Yes, that’s my dream.”

Source: MTV News, The Independent, NewsComAU

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