Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Josh Gad on sharing 'Beauty and the Beast' with his children

Josh Gad is no stranger to family fare, voicing the beloved snowman Olaf in Frozen and taking part in this summer's The Angry Birds Movie. In a new interview with The Straits Times, Gad talks about making movies with his children in mind and his experience bringing them to the set of Beauty and the Beast.
"When I was shooting a movie in London, she heard me recording Olaf's voice for another kid - she put two and two together and started howling, she was so tickled by it. And so now my nightly ritual is I say goodnight to her and then I give her a warm hug as Olaf. I don't know if she thinks if I'm an egomaniac for doing that, or just like laughing because she's like, 'Oh god, that's so embarrassing, why are you doing this?' But it seems to really tickle her in a way that's wonderful to share with her."

So when he chooses his movies now, "I always try to do one for me, one for them". "That why I'm doing Beauty And The Beast," he says of the upcoming live-action adaptation of Disney's 1991 animated musical, which stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens and is due out next year.

When Gad was filming his role as the sidekick LeFou, his girls "were getting a chance to walk around these majestic sets where they're basically being transported to the beast's castle and that's a movie that's very familiar to my older daughter.

"So I definitely try to choose movies like Angry Birds or Frozen so they don't have to wait to grow up to see them."

Source: The Straits Times

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