Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Paige O'Hara to Emma Watson: "I just said to have a great time."

The Academy hosted a 25th anniversary screening of Beauty and the Beast on Monday night, which was preceded by a conversation with the original voice cast and creative team. During the event, Paige O'Hara, the voice of Belle, revealed she reached out to Emma Watson, who will be playing Belle in the live-action film.
Paige O'Hara, who voices Belle, could not be more pleased with the casting of Emma Watson as the live-action leading lady. In fact, unlike the rest the original voice cast, she has corresponded with the actress playing her character. "I sent messages to her, and I got some back," O'Hara said. "I just said to have a great time."
In addition to this beauty of an insight, USA Today shared a few more highlights from the night's celebration.
Beast was never given a "Prince" name.

Online, the post-change Beast has been called "Prince Adam." However, director Gary Trousdale said that's never what he called the character. "We didn't name him, because he was a beast for 98% of the movie," he told USA TODAY. "It didn't even occur to us until we were animating the Prince, and we were like 'we don't know what his name is.'" In fact, Trousdale was surprised to read of the "Adam" name, himself, on IMDb. "I think he was named Prince Adam in one of the direct-to-video sequels," he said.

The actor behind Gaston contends the character's still alive.

Richard White, who voices Gaston, thinks there's a good chance the muscly bad guy didn't die at the end of the movie. "Did you see a body? I never saw a body, and I'm waiting to find out" if he's is still alive, he said. Oh, and White doesn't see Gaston as a villain. "He's just misunderstood," he said, and then went into his character's signature cackle.

Animators obsessed over Gaston's chest hair.

Supervising animator on Gaston, Andreas Deja, said there was a contest among animators to design Gaston's chest hair that's exposed while the character sings the line "And every last inch of me's covered in hair." The first version at the body hair wasn't right: It looked as though it was combed. Deja said that working on Gaston-- his chest hair and all-- was a challenge, because Deja was told that the character "has to be handsome," but also evil.
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Source: USA Today

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