Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Countdown to 'Beauty and the Beast' #16

Trivia Tuesday: Lions, and wolves, and bears! Oh, my!

If you look closely at the Beast, you may see a hint of a lion or a bit of a boar and you would be right. Animator Glen Keane actually drew inspiration for Beast from several different animals (see the picture below), starting with wolves he observed at a London zoo. Keane also adorned his work space with buffalo and wild boar heads during production while he fine tuned the look of the Beast.

Keane also discussed his inspiration at the 25th anniversary screening held by the Academy earlier this year.

Throwback Thursday: Ready Player Beast
In a time before the latest gaming craze glued people to their phones, we played games on a slightly heavier device called a Game Boy. In 1999, Beauty and the Beast: A Board Game Adventure allowed fans to play mini-games with their favorite characters from the animated film and even race Gaston to the end of the playing board!

Check out game play footage below.

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