Monday, August 29, 2016

WATCH: Emma Thompson talks Mrs. Potts & sings 'Beauty and the Beast'

If the new photos from the upcoming Beauty and the Beast sneak peek were not enough to set you fan heart aflutter, then be prepared for all the emotions that come from hearing Emma Thompson sing a bit of the film's title song.

Thompson, who recently appeared on CTV's The Social, spoke about her "rigid and shiny" role as Mrs. Potts before breaking into song.

Below is a transcript of the video:
The Social: On that movie you worked with Emma Watson and you are working with her again on the live-action Beauty and the Beast. You're playing a teapot. You're playing Mrs. Potts.

Emma Thompson: I've always been big on crockery.

TS: How do you play a teapot?

ET: It's CGI. Let's face it, I'm a teapot in CGI for a long time and then you get turned back, so really it's a lot in the studio. But I did try to sound as rigid and shiny as possible.

TS: You sing, yes?

ET: Well, I sing Angela Lansbury's part as Mrs. Potts. It's "Tale as old as time...Beauty and the Beast."
Source: The Social via What Pamela Would Have Wanted , La Bella y la Bestia de Disney

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