Monday, February 13, 2017

'Beauty and the Beast' Interview Round-Up #4

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Watch Emma Watson's full conversation with Entertainment Weekly here.

Emma Watson Feels Music In Beauty And The Beast Is Magical
"I love that the music has this kind of classical, theatrical feeling to it yet still seems somewhat modern. It rides that perfect line where it's not pop music and not stage's kind of that perfect sweet spot in the middle, and it's just really magical,"

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Dan Stevens Talks His New FX Series Legion, Downton Abbey, and Beauty and the Beast
Speaking of dancing, what was it like playing the Beast in Beauty and the Beast?

I think physically, the Beast is the most challenging role I’ve ever taken on, just the condition I had to have for my body, and to puppeteer that suit on stilts was like nothing else I’ve ever experienced, seriously. But the kind of engagement, and actually a lot of dance involved in that role will be on stilts, but it was a very, very intense dance training process that has got me physically more engaged with all of my performances in everything else since.

Have you ever had to do anything like that before?

No. British period drama tends to be from the neck up, you know? You’re under three layers of tweed or velour, that sort of plush velvet. It’s a very different mode of working. And so coming over here and getting to work with a number of different directors from all over the world, not just America, and the kind of demands that they put upon you, it’s been great just to expand my range a bit.

How tall were the stilts?

Oh, ten inches. It was pretty high, yeah. You get a little vertigo sometimes.
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