Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Disney partners with Luxe Bloom for 'Beauty and the Beast'

You cannot think of Beauty and the Beast without thinking of the enchanted rose, and so it makes perfect sense for Disney to team up with Luxe Bloom for their latest live-action outing.

In addition to making an appearance at the film's premiere in early March, Luxe Bloom currently offers three Beauty and the Beast themed options in their online store.


Beauty and the Beast Glass Cloche
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Beauty and the Beast 9-Rose Box
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Beauty and the Beast 16-Rose Box
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Hollywood movie musicals are once again front and center, and Chicago-based Luxe Bloom® is about to make the forthcoming live-action adaptation from Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, “Beauty and the Beast,” a luxuriously magical one. Luxe Bloom is the “official flower” for “Beauty and the Beast” and will supply the film’s official Roses. These specially produced roses, which keep their vibrant beauty for at least two months without the need for water or refrigeration, will make an auspicious appearance at the film’s Hollywood premiere and play a role in Disney’s social media promotion of the film.

Premiering in March, “Beauty and the Beast” is a live-action adaptation starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Kevin Kline, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Audra McDonald, Gugu Mbatha-Raw with Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson. “We contacted Luxe Bloom® to provide the roses because they offer a unique product that was a perfect fit for the film—highest quality preserved roses that are unparalleled for their beauty and luxury—and like magic, they last for months without water or maintenance. The Roses will be adored by fans young and old,” said Jan Coleman, Director Global Marketing Partnerships, “and be a very stunning enhancement to the film’s marketing campaign." 

Luxe Bloom will be selling beautiful rose arrangements online in celebration of “Beauty and the Beast” at www.luxebloom.com and at amazon.com. They will offer three products; a 4.5” Glass Cloche containing one crimson rose is priced at $55; a 6”x 6” crimson Rose Box of 9 roses is priced at $149 and an 8”x8” crimson Rose Box of 16 roses is priced at $399. At the film’s premiere, the stars of the film and other celebrities will be photographed in front of a breathtaking Rose Wall produced by Luxe Bloom® as the stunning backdrop to the premiere’s red carpet promenade of stars. “We are changing the way people buy flowers,” said Shelley Rosen, Luxe Bloom’s founder and CEO. 

“We are excited beyond words that Walt Disney Studios sought us out to be part of a great love story retold.” Luxe Bloom’s roses are real roses from Ecuador, the producer of the world’s finest roses. They are preserved using an ancient all-natural method and are available in a wide range of colors."

Source: Luxe Bloom, DisKingdom, Chicago Business Journal

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