Monday, May 4, 2015

Josh Gad discusses 'Beauty and the Beast' with The Hollywood Reporter

Josh Gad recently appeared on The Hollywood Reporter's 'Off the Cuff' podcast and once again shared a few thoughts on Beauty and the Beast. Gad does not go into much detail on the project, but continues to praise director Bill Condon and the "astounding" world he has created for the film.

From The Hollywood Reporter:
We grill him, as it is our due diligence to do, on the not one but two Disney sequels he has coming down the pipe - Frozen 2 and a live action remake of Beauty and the Beast. (For the record, Gad tells us that he gets "more social media interaction and engagement on Beauty and the Beast than on the sequel to Frozen." When we suggest it may be the power of nostalgia behind that fact, he admits he "cried when Hans Solo came out" in the newest Star Wars trailer.)
Jump to 30:30 for Beauty and the Beast.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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