Thursday, May 19, 2016

Josh Gad: "The film is just exceptional"

Josh Gad has been very busy over the past several days, appearing on several talk shows to discuss his upcoming projects, including Beauty and the Beast.

Moviefone: "Josh Gad Reveals Angry Birds Obsession, Teases Disney's Beauty and the Beast"
You have "Beauty and the Beast" coming out next year. Was it overwhelming taking over a character that's a big piece of everyone's childhood?

It's funny because, before I signed on, I sat down with the director, Bill Condon, and was like: "I want to pay homage to the character that came before, but I want him to be distinct in some way." And I feel like we found some interesting wrinkles that are hopefully going to be a little surprising. You're playing a three-dimensional version of a two-dimensional character, so you've gotta bring something more to it. And, having seen a cut of it, I think it works incredibly well and the film is just exceptional.

SiriusXM: Josh Gad on Dirty, Sexy, Funny
After making fun of McCarthy’s not-quite-French pronunciation of his character Le Fou, Gad said, “The movie’s incredible. Anybody who ever loved Beauty and the Beast, which clearly you didn’t as a child, is gonna love it.”

“It builds on the legacy of the original and takes it to the next level,” he added. “I’m excited.”

Josh Gad on Live with Kelly
Skip ahead to 2:55 for Beauty and the Beast

Josh Gad on Today
Skip ahead to 3:45 for Beauty and the Beast

Source: Moviefone, SiriusXM, Today, Live with Kelly

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