Thursday, September 8, 2016

WATCH: 'Beauty and the Beast' 25th anniversary Q&A with Paige O'Hara

It's hard to believe Beauty and the Beast is celebrating its 25th anniversary, but it is wonderful to see Paige O'Hara, the original voice of Belle, still talk about the film and character with so much enthusiasm. O'Hara recently sat down with Yahoo! Movies for a live chat to discuss the landmark animated film. During the chat, O'Hara discusses her audition process for the iconic role, recording with Robby Benson (Beast), her favorite song, and when she knew the film was going to be a "classic."

When asked about the live-action Beauty and the Beast and Emma Watson as Belle (jump to 14:30), O'Hara had nothing but high praise ("She is perfect casting!"), adding that producer Don Hahn has spoken highly about the film to her.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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