Wednesday, January 18, 2017

WATCH: John Legend discusses recording "Beauty and the Beast"

One constant question among fans was who would be singing the cover of "Beauty and the Beast", and it was revealed last week John Legend and Ariana Grande will be the next duo to record the beloved tune.

Access Hollywood spoke with John Legend at this year's Television Critics Association Winter Tour about the "huge honor" of being part of the film and the pair's take on a Disney classic.

UPDATE: Legend also spoke with Collider about his collaboration with Grande on "Beauty and the Beast"
What’s the appeal for you in taking on the duet for Beauty and the Beast, and how do you feel you and Ariana Grande compliment each other?

LEGEND: It’s such an iconic song and, as a singer, it’s a great challenge to try to remake a song that people already love quite a bit. Ariana’s a wonderful singer. I felt like we’d make a good team to try to tackle it. So when Disney reached out to me, I agreed to do it.

Was it special to you, when you were growing up?

LEGEND: I love that song, and I thought the film was great, back then. I was a little older, by then. What was that, 20 years ago? So, I was a teenager. I wasn’t that young. That song was obviously a really important song, and the film was really important. So, as an artist, it’s a bit of a challenge to take on something like that, where people already love the original, and try to make your own version that honors the original, but is new, as well.

Extra TV: Jump to 1:45 for Beauty and the Beast

Source: Access Hollywood, Collider, Extra TV

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