Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Josh Gad: "I'm excited for people to see what they're dreaming up right now because it is unbelievable."

Even if you are not watching Josh Gad's new FX show The Comedians, it deserves a lot of thanks, if only because it gave the actor the opportunity to discuss Beauty and the Beast over the last few weeks. In the latest interview from Golden Derby, Gad (Le Fou) reveals he will be returning to London shortly as Beauty and the Beast's start date draws near. He also gave some insight into the film's pre-production, which unsurprisingly includes singing and dancing, but also horseback riding lessons for the actor. While praising director Bill Condon, Gad also describes Beauty and the Beast as " emotional journey that happens to have spectacle all over it."

The discussion about Beauty and the Beast begins around the 23 minute mark. Frozen fans are also in for a treat with Gad discussing the sequel and the upcoming Epcot ride at the 20:44 minute mark.

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Source: Golden Derby

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