Thursday, March 17, 2016

Countdown to 'Beauty and the Beast'

Happy March 17th! Beauty and the Beast Movie News is about to embark on a year-long celebration of Belle and her Beast in anticipation of the film's release next March. Every week the blog will feature a mixture of trivia, news round-ups, Throwback Thursdays, and more! (Check out the full list below) In addition to counting down to the live-action film's release, the animated film will also be celebrating its 25th anniversary this November, so keep an eye out for more festivities later this year.

Countdown to Beauty and the Beast:
Magical Mondays- Find out where you can find Beauty and the Beast at the Walt Disney World Resort
Trivia Tuesdays- Beauty and the Beast trivia, from animation to the stage and back to the big screen
Watchful Wednesdays- Movie recommendations featuring the cast and crew of Beauty and the Beast
Throwback Thursdays- Take a look back at the history of Beauty and the Beast and the best news from the past year
Weekend Round-Up- What's new in Beauty and the Beast news

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I look forward to the next year of Beauty and the Beast news and hope you enjoy the blog's countdown to the film's release!

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