Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Second 'Beauty and the Beast' trailer is one for the record books

When the first Beauty and the Beast trailer debuted back in May, it became one of the most viewed teaser trailers of all time with 91.8 million views in the first 24 hours, topping The Force Awakens. Belle and her Beast were not content with those numbers, and it seems the fans were eager to break even more records when the second trailer premiered earlier this month.

With 127.6 million views worldwide, the second Beauty and the Beast trailer became the most viewed trailer in 24 hours, topping the 114 million views for Fifty Shades Darker and 112 million for The Force Awakens. The film's stars were instrumental in sharing the trailer with fans, which led to 27 million views on Emma Watson's Facebook page alone.

This overwhelming response may seem surprising to some, but fans of the animated classic and the cast of the live-action film do not doubt the excitement and anticipation for the new film.

“I will tell you right now that the amount of interest in this film is unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” said Josh Gad, whose previous credits include the Broadway smash The Book of Mormon and voicing the character of Olaf in Frozen. “Look, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Frozen 2, there’s buzz surrounding other things I’ve been involved with. But, this, there’s such curiosity, joy, excitement, and buzz about a film that’s two years away still. That’s an enormous amount of pressure, actually, but also something that we all take very seriously. Every day we’re making this movie, we know what the bar is, and we’re trying to match that bar, if not exceed it in some ways. So we’re very well aware of that.”

View the trailer below (one, two, three hundred more times) and check out 80+ images from the trailer here.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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