Sunday, January 22, 2017

'Beauty and the Beast' News Round-Up #40

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December 1st - December 31st

Beauty and the Beast Movie News Posts:

WATCH: International 'Beauty and the Beast' trailer with new view of the Beast's castle

LISTEN: "Our Song Lives On" performed by composer Alan Menken

Angela Lansbury discusses the legacy of 'Beauty and the Beast'

Director Bill Condon: "Watson and Stevens dancing to 'Beauty and the Beast.' That really puts you on a high.”

First look at upcoming 'Beauty and the Beast' merchandise

Four new images of Emma Watson as Belle

First look at the 'Beauty and the Beast' castle staff in human form

'Beauty and the Beast' costumes on display at theaters in NY & LA

WATCH: First 'Beauty and the Beast' TV spot

New image of Belle in her "royal celebration" gown

LISTEN: Sneak Peek of Emma Watson singing "Something There"

LISTEN: Official audio clip of Emma Watson singing "Something There"

'Beauty and the Beast' 2016 Round-Up

Tweets & Photos:

"Gaston!"🐗 @TheRealLukeEvans (Gaston) and the company dance - while @JoshGad (Le Fou) waits to go in - the @Disney villain's signature number during Bill Condon's storied table read for @BeautyandtheBeast 🌹 Note Luke's empty chair, and as you can see his fellow cast mates are across the foreground - all turned away to watch the number. To read @IanMcKellen 's moving recounting of this enchanted day, please visit At that page you will find also the "table plan" - which you can use to find out who's who! One more shot from this event is coming - all three of the photos in this set are by my fellow co-producer Greg Yolen. . #GREGYOLEN #BeautyandtheBeast #Disney #BillCondon #BeOurGuest #taleasoldastime

A photo posted by Jack Morrissey (@therealjackmorrissey) on

Done #wallgods #beautyandthebeast #clearchannel #disney @therealjackmorrissey

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Spotted in Times Square! #beourguest #beautyandthebeast

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We got company @thereallukeevans

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